Who we are

Purple Recruitment are a specialist recruitment company focused on Europe and the Americas. We work specifically within the Berlin, London and Silicon Valley tech scenes, helping start ups and mid-sized organisations to find the right talent in the areas of Software Engineering, Marketing, Design and Product. Currently, we are working with the best minds in C++, Mobile, UI, UX and Software Architecture.

Your vision

Whichever way you look at it, recruitment is an absolute necessity within business. We're here to take that need and provide you with help, support and ultimately the correct hires – partnering with you to be an ambassador for your business on the external market.

Our experience

We're a (growing) friendly team of 7 from varied yet complementary backgrounds, working between London and Prague! We're working with notable start-up success stories, as well as established mid-sized companies with a specific focus on innovation. Our client base works within fields such as media, robotics, AI, music, mobile development and hardware development.

What we do

For Candidates It is our mission to find you the ''next step'' in your career. We work with you in depth and for the long term in order to make this happen. For Employers Our job is to find you the top talents, who possess the technical and personal qualities to fit your business. We are not CV spammers. We concentrate on screening the individual candidates, to provide you with 100% quality each time.

C++ Developers

Recruiting C++ related professionals has become one of our core specialities. Are you looking for a Graphical genius, an Embedded wizard or an Algorithmic expert? Engineers who can build cloud products, tackle hardware & electronics or tussle with low level networks? The versatility of the application of C++ is reflected in the skill set of the candidates whom we work with.

Project, Product & Marketing Managers

The three crucial roles in interfacing development with business. Therefore, we're also helping to represent the stakeholder side of your organisation.

Mobile & Web Engineers

iOS, Android, Hybrid App Developers and Frontend savvy gurus.

Can't put your finger on it...

We also work on those miscellaneous/niche positions to help provide you with those hard to find candidates, including freelancers & contractors.